The Scamp


I’m a 30-something-girl with a severe case of wanderlust. My first adventure took me to Scotland to study language education at the University of Edinburgh. I graduated with an MSc in 2013 and returned to the States to pursue a doctorate in Educational Leadership. After parting ways with the program in the States thanks to a shady program with immoral business practices, I have landed my dream job in Scotland.

Grad school has done nothing to quell my wanderlust, so I sneak off for adventures whenever I have a free moment.

“There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
A race that can’t sit still;
So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will.
They range the field and rove the flood,
And they climb the mountain’s crest; Their’s is the curse of the gypsy blood,
And they don’t know how to rest.”
Robert W. Service



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