The Scamp and the Gratitude Challenge Week 4

I’ve got a nasty flu that seems to be going around, so my want to do anything other than lay in bed with DayQuil, tissues, and Netflix has been next to nil.

The theme for the gratitude challenge this week is a family member. I have decided that this coveted honor (okay, I am pretending that all of my family and friends would like a mention on my blog of awesomeness) is going to my sister-cousin, Mckenna.


This 20 year old stunner is my oldest cousin on my dad’s side of the family. I remember when she was born. My aunt and uncle lived down the street from my dad, so my sister and I used to go over to their house and play Barbies or run around outside. When they moved to a bigger house, I remember playing in the yard, and playing hide and seek in the house while babysitting. As long as I can remember, Kenna wanted to ride horses. My aunt and uncle paid for lessons, leased a horse for her, and drove her all over the place for horse shows.


When she was getting ready to apply to college, she asked me to help her with her admission essays. She got into the school of her dreams, and moved 3,000 miles away on her own to pursue her riding career and study business. She is getting ready to graduate soon, and I cannot wait to see what she decides to do after college.

She is the focus of my gratitude this week because she is like a second little sister to me. We text and laugh, and Skype, and when I was living in Scotland we talked a lot. When David and I broke up and I was miserable, she let me cry to her on Skype and made me laugh with pictures of her pup. We share the common plight of the single gal, and she has already pledged to be a cat lady with me. She makes me laugh, she’s fun to hang out with, and I know that she is destined for great things.

I am one lucky sister-cousin.


I go back to work next week, and while I am ready for that, it feels strange to no longer be a student. As happy as I am to be free of the misery that was the EDD program at Cal State Fullerton, it is a bit strange to have all of this free time. I feel like I should reading more, or doing more research, or working on applying to the large number of full time jobs that have suddenly presented themselves to me. Instead, I am watching bad reality TV, and trying to find pictures of my family that are suitable for the internet. I’m hoping that once I get back into work mode things will settle into a routine, but in the meantime, there are so many options for bad reality TV, I can keep myself pretty busy.

Nanny Scamp

For the next few weeks I will be helping my cousins by watching their daughter. I love hanging out with my little Dillybean. She’s pretty mellow, and my Grinch heart melts a little every time she falls asleep on me. A lot of times I won’t put her in her crib right away because she is so cuddly and warm, and she smells like clean baby.


She feeds herself,  allowing me two hands to hold my textbook open

She feeds herself, allowing me two hands to hold my textbook open


She naps like clockwork...and looks cute doing it

She naps like clockwork…and looks cute doing it


She thinks my jokes are funny

She thinks my jokes are funny


She wakes up in the strangest positions

She wakes up in the strangest positions


I really enjoy spending time with her. This is good for me because I have a little money coming in now until I start my new job next month, and I have a new found respect for the people in my cohort with families, especially the people with babies. While taking care of her is easy, it does require my full attention and I do not get as much studying done as I thought I would when I am with her. Usually I can hold her while I read, but she is squirmy, and she needs to be stimulated (she also thinks that my History of American Higher Education book is boring, so reading that to her is a no go). I suppose I could put on Baby TV for a bit to keep her entertained, but I find that channel to be a form of torture for me, so I sing her silly songs, read her stories, or just walk her around and point out all the things around her. I usually leave ready for a nap.

I have a complete and total new found respect for working parents.