The Scamp and the Brain

A message from the mama:

Ok my friends and family it is that time again.

It has been six years since I had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. For the last 2 years, I have been fighting the regrowth of the tumor and have been kicking its ass!

Two years ago I found out about the walk with two-week’s notice. Only Rick and I walked and raised $350. Last year there were 7 of us and I raised $1,000. This year the walk is September 13, 2014. Rick has formed a team for this year. My goal is $1,500.

If you are interested in walking with me or want to donate, log onto:
click on “events” on the top bar
scroll down to Orange County
click on “donate to a participant”
Type in “Rick Davis” or team “Michelle’s Angels”

Thank you for any help you may give.

Michelle Davis

Clearly you can see she is kicking ass and taking names. Both of these pictures were taken only months ago. The tumor is still hanging out near her brain though, so any help you can give to fund research that could eliminate this for people as badass as my mom would be amazing (I understand financial hardship, so if you cannot donate, would you mind passing along the word?)
Only one week of summer school left.
Two weeks until the exam.
I feel ready.
I feel optimistic.
I feel better than I have in months.

A Scamp and the Brain Tumor

Five years ago my mom was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a pesky little tumor that really messes up balance and tries to eat its way into your brain.

diagram courtesy of the Mayo Clinic

diagram courtesy of the Mafield Clinic


We called the tumor Wally. He was removed, and all was mostly right in my mom’s world again. She lost the hearing in her right ear, and had to deal with a little facial paralysis for awhile, but now if you looked at her you would never know she had surgery. A couple of years ago (I think) a new tumor started to grow. This one, Wally Jr. is smaller and lot more slow growing, so for the meantime, he is going to get to keep his room in my mom’s auditory canal.

Last year my mom started participating in the National Brain Tumor Society’s annual 5K walk at Angle’s Stadium to raise money for brain tumor research.

The Parental Units at the 2012 Brain Tumor Walk

The Parental Units at the 2012 Brain Tumor Walk


Last year she found out about the walk a mere 3 weeks before it took place. Her team consisted of just her and my dad. They raised $350. This year she has more notice. She already has a team of 4, and hopes to raise at least $1,000. This is where my lovely readers come in. As a loyal team member, I am committed to helping her raise the money. My goal is to raise at least $100 for her. I am hoping that some of my loyal readers (although most of them are family and will have heard about this already) will help by making a small donation to the team. For anyone who is in the Orange County area and like to walk through the baseball stadium, you can even be part of her team! She is having shirts made, and there is a Hooters near the stadium that serves fantastic wings (or so I’ve been told). It promises to be a fun day for a good cause.

To donate to her team all you need to do is:

log onto:
click on “events” on the top bar
scroll down to Orange County
click on “donate to a participant”
Type in “Michelle Davis” or team “Michelle’s Angels


I thank you for any help you may be able to give her, even if it is just spreading the word to your friends and family to see if they could help. I wouldn’t wish a brain tumor on anyone (okay, there is someone, but that’s besides the point), and any help that can be done to fund research in the field could go a long ways in making life easier for those dealing with these pesky little buggers. I’d like my mom to be able to keep her brain for a little while longer.