The Scamp and the Circus

Not much shows up when you google “circus yoga”. When my study buddy/friend suggested that we meet at the beach and do some circus yoga, I was not sure what to expect. The qualifying exam is tomorrow, and I knew I needed something to relax my brain and break away from study mode. As test approaches, I have been getting more and more anxious, and doubting myself more and more. The idea of trying something new, and hanging out with my study buddy outside of a school setting seemed like the best way to spend a Wednesday night.

Circus yoga did not disappoint. The instructor was this hippie surf chick with long blond hair and a warm warm welcome. She was amazing. Her name is Soyela (you can find her here: The way her class works is you do a mini yoga routine to stretch and limber up, and then you do acroyoga, hula hoop yoga, and yoga on a slack line (that last one is just as hard as it sounds). There were three of us from study group there, plus the sister and a friend of the girl that invited us. There were three other people who are regulars there, and everyone was super nice.

I felt great. It was nice to be out laughing on the beach hitting myself in the face with a hula hoop and learning to fly. What follows capture the night better than I can do in words.


2014-07-30 19.13.01

Sisters learning to trust each other




2014-07-30 19.24.22

Soyela teaches me to fly.

2014-07-30 20.04.05



She teaches Lorena how to trust




We look good from any angle


2014-07-30 19.17.57


Study buddy and I learn to trust the process

2014-07-30 22.31.01

Not a bad way to end the day

2014-07-30 22.33.28


3 fierce warriors take on Warrior III


2014-07-31 20.30.20


I think circus yoga bonding night was a success!


The qualifying exam is tomorrow. The reference sheet is printed, the relaxation is happening, and I am about as ready as I can be. I have no choice but to pass because I do not want to have to take this test again.

Tomorrow, I will be a free woman.

The Scamp Encounters Self Doubt

The day I have been dreading is fast approaching. I’ve been studying, outlining, practice testing, and talking it out with my study group. I’ve been telling myself everyday that I am going to pass if I put the right amount of time in. I’ve kinda been remembering to take some days off.

And now that the day is almost upon me, I am doubting my ability to succeed.

Two weeks ago I took a practice test. I answered a question about promoting diversity on campus. I outlined a plan that looked at diversity as more than just the color of your skin, and made a plan that would help students of any color, gender, age, socioeconomic status and the like succeed. I left the practice exam feeling good about myself.

I got the comments back from the grader, and all that changed. She all but called me a racist, and all but said that because I am white, I am in power and therefore do not notice that people of color suffer in higher education. She didn’t tell me I would pass the test if I had turned it in as a real response.

It was then that I was painfully reminded of the glaring (yet unmentioned) problem with the program I am in. They do not value diversity. I am one of the few white people in the program, and I might as well sit in the back silently with a sign around my neck that says “white devil”. The idea of diversity and equitable education in this program means that white people are bad and do not need to be included in the help that is provided for students struggling in college.

In this program, I am a racist. I don’t understand struggle because I am white and never had to work hard for anything.

This completely discounts the fact that I grew up in a single parent household with a mom that worked her fucking ass off so I had a roof over my head. Sure, I didn’t struggle, but it is only because she slaved away so we wouldn’t have to.

This does not take into account that I worked hard to get good grades so that I could qualify for scholarships because there was no way that my mom could afford to pay for three kids to go to college.

This does not take into account the countless scholarships I have been turned down for because I am white.

This also doesn’t take into account the three jobs that I consistently have so I can pay my tuition.

I feel like all of that makes me sound whiny. I hate sounding whiny.

What’s worse, is it makes me think that no matter what I do or what kind of educational leader I want to be, for the next two years I will constantly told I am wrong.

This program is killing my spirit.

All of this self doubt makes me regret the choice I made to come home. To get through this program I have to just give the professors they want to hear, and keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. The only thing I am learning from this program is that it is shaping leaders who do not truly value diversity, and will only ever help a certain population of students. The only thing I am learning from this program is that I do not want to be a part of it.

If I did not have so much money invested already, and didn’t need the fancy letter after my name to get a good teaching job overseas, I would have already quit.

The self doubt is starting to affect my studying for the test. I am excited that the test is almost over and that one of my favorite people is about to land on my doorstep for a few days of pure California tourist fun.

Studying sucks, but it sucks a little less the closer I get to the test.

Qualifying exam is in three days…that means three days until FREEEEEEEDDDDDDDOOOMMMMM!


The Scamp Quits

Today I quit my job.

It has been a long time coming (which is a bit sad since I have only been there a year), but the day finally arrived.

Today I quit my job in favor of a career.

My classes at the community college filled, and I will now make my living doing something I love instead of just something that allows me to barely scrape by and pay my bills.

I’m not really a quitter, so it feels strange to quit a job, but it served its purpose, and now I no longer have to put up with the Bitchy Bitty Brigade. I know that I won’t be there to see those women get their comeuppance, but I would like to think that the universe will right that environment soon enough.

The good news is: it is no longer my problem.

Summer school has finally finished. I survived mostly intact.

The qualifying exam is in 6 days. I wish I had done some more studying, but I think I will be able to pass.

Then I have the first two weeks I have had in almost two years.

The Scamp Gets Over a Hurdle

Today marks four years of having a little space here to record all the bat shit crazy things that go through my head. Only the last two years or so have been public posts, but so far, this is my longest meaningful relationship as of yet. It has outlasted three different apartments, two jobs, and two boyfriends.

So far, it’s never let me down.

That is not the hurdle that I have gotten past though. A few months ago I admitted to the world that I was depressed again ( I also admitted that I was going to have to figure something out to pull myself out of this pit.

The first thing I did was get my medication readjusted.

The second thing I did was find a good therapist. And let me tell you, that has made all the difference. It has been almost four months of really hard work, but I am finally starting to feel better.

I feel like a lot has happened, even in the last four months, more than any person should have to go through all at once, but I would like to think that I came out of this like a champ. I had to give up my therapist because the school only allows for so many visits, but at least in my quest for a new one, I can rest assured knowing that I am making great progress to feeling better. Getting over that first hurdle was huge. It sucked. It sucked a lot.

The alternative sucked more though.

“She had fouled off of the curves that life had thrown at her.”
― W.P. KinsellaThe Thrill of the Grass

Summer school is finally over, the qualifying exam is fast approaching, and one of my best friends is coming to visit in less than two weeks. This marks the end to the first year of the program, my first complete year back in the States, and my first chance to really readjust to being home.

That two weeks off in the middle of August cannot come fast enough.

Bring on the trashy romance novels and the endless hours by the pool. Bring on yoga classes, and trips to the gym. Bring on the Netflix binge marathons.

But most of all, bring on the happy calm feeling that has started to become the norm in my life.


The Scamp Gets By

With a little help from her friends.



22 days until the exam.

Summer school is starting not to suck too much.

Studying is not feeling that painful

When this is all over, I look forward to writing something that doesn’t have anything to do with budgets, organizational theory, philosophy, or how miserable and stressed I am.

The Scamp and Her Bumper

On Monday whilst I was on my way to meet my sister, a woman in an SUV decided that she really liked the back seat of my car, so she drove through my trunk into it. While she tried to nestle her front bumper in my back seat (feel free to make all the inappropriate sex jokes you want), she pushed me forward into a van. It took me a good thirty second to realize what had happened. When I drove through the intersection it was clear my poor little Civic was hurt. I could hear the scraping sound, and when I parked, the guy in the van I hit looked at me with pity. In her efforts to get into the back seat of my car, the woman in the SUV ripped my bumper completely off my car. The guy in the van pulled the bumper from under the frame and shoved it into the back seat of my car (oddly enough, not the strangest thing that has ever been in there)


10459930_10152021018221887_4165453245152724532_nYep….that is my bumper. The guy made a joke about keeping it as a souvenir, but I mean, really….where would I put it?

After all of the insurance exchanges, a chat with a cop and a phone call to my mother, I came to the realization that I no longer have a car. I did what I always do at times like these….I cried. The other people involved were all perfectly composed, and tried their best to comfort me, but my tear ducts were not having it. It was after the info exchange that the woman apologized over and over again and told me that she looked down to see what time it was and never noticed that I stopped because the van in front of me stopped.

She then got back into her car and told me when she hit me it caused her lunch to fly all over her car. My trunk and bumper were in the back seat of my car, my driver side door wouldn’t open, and everything from my purse and ipod to the open can of soda in my cup holder was strewn about my car.

Needless to say, as much as I appreciated that she didn’t want to leave me until my parents arrived, I really wanted her to leave so I didn’t punch her.

10386288_10152021018156887_8511330899686504863_nThis is the last way I will ever see my car. Yesterday she got hauled to a collision center where the mechanic told my dad I would be car shopping soon.

This was not the way I thought I would be getting a new car. The Civic was a really great car. I thought I could drive it for another 5 or 6 years and then be in a position to buy an actual new car. Since it is (was) a 2001, I am not holding much hope for a big payout. I need a car though, and without being able to afford a monthly payment, I am going to have to really settle for something just to be able to make my commuter lifestyle work.

I know that it will all work out in the end, and I know that I am very lucky that I only had a little neck pain, but it is still devastating to me that I lost my pal of 5 years. We had a lot of really good adventures, carried a lot of interesting things, and had no major mechanical issues. She served me well and did not deserve to go out this way.

Rest in pieces Cesily the Civic 2008-2014


43 days until the qualifying exam.

Summer school still sucks, but there is only four weeks left.

I can handle just about anything for four weeks…..right?


The Scamp Scamps in Circles

Who am I? What have I done with my life? Who can I trust?

That last one is a doozy. It haunts you in moments of doubt. Sometimes when you wake up at night, you wonder if you’ve put your faith in the right people. Sometimes when you find yourself alone, for whatever reason, you review every little thing you know about someone, searching your memory for small, subtle things that you may have missed about them.

It makes you scared. It makes you think that you’ve made some horrible mistakes lately. It drives you to do something, to act-

~Harry Dresden


I still hate studying.

I still hate summer school.

47 days until the test

65 days until I can quit the hellhole I currently work for.

I’m all out of words for the moment. 10 hours of studying, reviewing, and case scenarios has left me brain fried.

Where is a good trashy romance when you need one?


The Scamp and Pragmatism


 noun \ˈprag-mə-ˌti-zəm\

: a reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories (

Today I started studying for the qualifying exam that I will have to take in August. I’m 100% sure that I will pass the exam if I properly prepare. To do this, I have to pick at least 4 philosophies to know forwards and backwards, have an extensive knowledge of organizational leadership frames (hello class I slept through this semester), and be able to reference history and important legislation.

Easy peasy. right?

Today I started outlining the first of the 4 philosophies. I’ve picked ones that I can relate to each other, and ones that closely align with the organizational leadership styles that we have to use so that all of my answers fit together like a nice little jigsaw puzzle. I’m not sure why I decided to start with pragmatism other than the fact that it lends itself well to some of the leadership theories we discussed this semester and I love to pretend that I am logical in my thoughts and actions. I like to think that if I am logical about what needs to be studied, and how I go about making sure all of the info stays in my brain, then I will pass.

It should work, right?

I’ve realized that studying on my own is never going to work. I’ve made plans to meet with a study group, but might have to find a way to work in more than one. I realize that  right now, I am too easily  distracted by my messy emotional state. I do not want to fail this test. I do not want to have to take it again.

In the meantime, I am going to chain myself to my desk and outlining, drafting, and crafting responses to any question or scenario that might get thrown at me in a few months.

Today I even got the perfect present for studying.