A Home for the Scamp

Today I got my official letter of acceptance for accommodation on campus. This both frightens and relieves me. I’m relieved to know that I have a place to live, but I am stressing out about paying the high cost of renting a room. The Lee House, a subsection of Pollack Halls, is right next to the pool, near a park, and the building next to the dining commons. If nothing else I will be able to buy breakfast on my way to class every morning. I have no idea where the dorm is in relation to my classes, but I have a feeling it is not very close. I don’t think I will mind walking though. I could use the exercise. It will be more than I am getting now.

The fact that now I have an official home makes my journey a little more real. I am leaving in three months, and I have yet to finish some the important things, like secure funding, and fill out my visa. The visa is on hold so that I can go to Ireland for ten days, but the funding part still has me stressing. I have started the paperwork for a loan, and the staggering amount of $30,000 is looming over my head. I’m starting a college fund for the kids I don’t have yet so that I can send them to college. Hopefully by the time I have babies and they are ready to go to college I will be a college professor somewhere nice and they can go to that school for free. Tuition remission is such a good idea. Too bad that can’t work for me in Scotland.

On the brightside, somewhere between me worrying about money, and me fighting with the manager of the apartment I used to live in, the boy told me he loved me. Weeks ago I called him an idiot and told him I was in love with him when he questioned what I thought of him as a boyfriend, and after he got over the initial shock of what I said, he told me that he had been having those feelings for awhile, but wasn’t quite ready to verbalize them. He did start to talk about doing long distance, and what the next year would be like for the two of us, and I started to see a little bit of hope for the future. He looked shocked when he actually said the words out loud, and he told me he didn’t know how or when it happened, but he did. Every time he said it, he seemed to believe it a little more. It was very strange, but kinda awesome at the same time. I’m the first person he has ever said it to, and while that makes me a wee bit nervous, I am very competitive so I like the idea of being first. Now he tells me all the time, and I feel a little bit better about everything,

If only I could find the money fairy, and convince the boy to go with me, life would be so much easier.

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