A Scamp and Her Second Favorite Matt

Sorry Kellom, but my brother will always be my favorite Matt. You come a close second though. I know this will make you sad, since you are my number one fan, but my family loyalty cannot be squashed.

So, what does one write in an ode to you? I could write about all of your misdeeds in Merced. I could write about the crazy detailed schemes and pranks that you and Josh were able to perpetrate against Mango. I giggle every time I think about what you guys did at those apartments by the railroad tracks. I only wish I had witnessed you guys crawling through the vent in the closet.

I could write about how you quietly tolerated living with the crazy girl you dated our senior year. I’m really surprised you didn’t kill her….or harass her a lot more.

I could write about the time that you were being stalked by a girl that shall remain nameless, and how Janelle and I made you blush when we said that if she had showed up that weekend we would have been all over you to make her uncomfortable.

I could write about that very drunken conversation when you tried to convince me the benefits of sporking with you, and how you treated me to dinner (I still owe you for that, so the next time both of us are in California, you best let me take you out for a nice meal).

I could write about your absurd Draw Something pictures, but I don’t think I could ever do those justice.

I could write about how sad and misguided you are for being a Raider fan, but since that is pretty obvious, I wouldn’t even think about wasting my words.

Instead, what I think I will focus on is the fact that although you like to pretend that you are the silent broody type, you are actually a big softy. I love hanging out with you when you are in San Diego because I love watching you with Reilly. I know that in the future you will teach her all sorts of horrible things, but in the meantime,  watching you hold her hand, or hold her while she sits on your lap is always good for a laugh. Awhile ago you made that time lapse video of her, and it was probably the sweetest present ever.

I know that Paulyne probably tells you all the time that you need to move to San Diego when you are done with your PhD., but really, you should consider it….if nothing else but to clear yourself of all things Raider Nation.

It is not quite the poetry and magic that I promised you, but I know how embarrassed you would be if I actually did that, so for now, this will have to suffice as the shout out that you all but begged me for.

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