A Scamp and Some Kindness

I’m not sure if it was because the sun was out yesterday, or if it was because it was Friday, but my faith in the human race was temporarily restored.

I’ve had a tough week. I was having problems with the bank, problems with my email for my teaching position, an ever continuing problem with the culture class. I did not have high expectations for the errands I wanted to run before class. My first stop of the day was my favorite stationary store so I could get some envelopes. The place is run by a little old man, and I like feeling like 83 pence purchase is helping keep him in business. Yesterday though, it was his son that was working in the shop.

I feel it is important to note that Edinburgh is a cash city. The shops are not used to people using their card, and often are only cash only. This Scamp is not a cash friendly girl. The problems with the bank left me without access to my funds, so I was relying on my credit card. When I went to pay for my envelopes, the guy told me the card machine was broken, and he was cash only for the day. When I told him I didn’t have the cash and would be right back after hitting the ATM, he told simply told me to take the envelopes and next time I was in the area just to come by and give him the cash. He said he did it all the time, and was happy to help. I told him he was saving the delivery of a very important rubber chicken.

I left the shop feeling really good. I’m not used to people outside of my friends here doing nice things, and I instantly felt better about the afternoon class, and finishing the rest of my errands. He seemed shocked when I went back after class with the money. He laughed and wished me a good weekend. I will definitely go back as often as I can (with cash) while I am here.

I wish that good feeling had been enough to carry me for the weekend though. I’m a little sad and homesick, and have a lot of work to do for my research class. I spent today curled up in bed after dinner instead of reading. I am very much looking forward to having the week off of class and being able to get out of the city. I can’t wait to explore Belfast during the day (I’m going to try and talk the boys into going to the zoo so I can see the California Sea Lions. I could use a bit of home). I’m hoping for a little culture, a little adventure, and a push out of my sad and mopey state.

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