A Scamp and Her Mom

Today is Mother’s Sunday in Scotland, and that is as good a reason as any to dedicate a post to my mommy. She is definitely my favorite person, and I am very lucky to have as good a relationship with her as I do.

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One of the things that I like most about my mom is that her smile has been the same since she was a kid. This is her with my grandma. If you look at pictures of my mom know, you can see a lot of my grandma in her.


My mom has always been a hottie. I don’t know how she managed to do it, but she skipped over the awkward phase that many of us had (and in my case, are still having).



Kimmy's Pictures 183


Kimmy's pictures 352


Kimmy's pictures 331


My mother is really the only person that understands me. We laugh at things that other people don’t understand, we do ridiculous things that no one wants to do, and we basically have fun with whatever comes our way.


A year ago she took four days off, bought two plane tickets, and brought me to Scotland so that I could take a campus tour of the college I applied to on a whim. After she tried to talk to me about the practical side of things, like where I was going to get the money? Where was I going to live? What was I going to do about my job and my apartment in San Diego? she decided to embrace my need for an adventure. She cosigned my loan. is storing my stuff, and always makes sure that I have enough cash in my account to feed myself when dorm food becomes too much for me to handle.



She lost her mom almost 20 years ago. Because of that, she has worked really hard to keep us all together as a family. She lets us bitch and moan to her about our problems, offers us advice, corrects our homework, and supports us with a fierce loyalty that most people wish they had.

She is my best friend, my favorite person, and all around just plain awesome.



  1. Marla · March 10, 2013

    You brought a tear to my eye today, because your mom is my favorite person also.What a beautiful tribute to her. Have a beautiful day baby…..Love You !!!!!!

  2. Paulyne Streegan · March 10, 2013

    Loved reading this! I hope one day my child feels the way you do towards your Mom!

  3. Michelle Davis · March 10, 2013

    Oh thank you. I am the lucky one. I am so proud of all three of you. You are all successful and loving. I am truly blessed.

  4. Shelly · March 11, 2013

    How wonderful for you to write this tribute!! I had the privilege of working with her for about 10 years and she was truly one of my most favorite people there. You are such a great daughter for doing this!!

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