A Scamp and St. Patrick

The day was good and merry, but some things are better left in the moment. I had an amazing time with my friends, and hope that I can sweet talk the boys into throwing more parties so we can have more ridiculous nights before we all must go our separate ways.

Instead, enjoy one of my favorite songs to sing on St. Pat’s Day

Tomorrow starts a week of research and prep work for my classes, and a meeting that will  decide the fate of my dissertation and my return date to the U.S. I’m hoping for May, but preparing for the scenario that keeps me here longer.

If I have to stay, how many of you can I sweet talk into coming to visit?


  1. Michelle Davis · March 18, 2013

    Glad you enjoyed your St. Pat’s Day. We missed you at Rand’s. All the cousins asked for you!

  2. Matt Siordia · March 19, 2013

    one of my favorite songs

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