A Scamp and a Sunny Day

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out, it was warm by Scotland standards, and I was actually able to make good progress on my research paper. Despite all of that, I was still feeling a bit blue today. David sent most of my stuff back, and the finality of the situation makes me a bit sad. He kept a few things I was hoping that he would send back, and my worry is that he will just throw them away when he comes across them. To keep myself from thinking about that, I went for a walk. I had intended to sit in the park and read a book, but I couldn’t shut off my brain, so I wandered around the park a little before returning to my room to try and get more work done….and by get more work done, I mean look at cute animal pictures on the internet.

Seriously, the internet is a dangerous place. I think this video about sums up my mood as of late. A little unsteady, a little unsure, but ultimately triumphant  Also, I am awkward as they come, and let’s face it, so are giraffes.

Tomorrow I finally have a meeting to get a supervisor for my dissertation  and I can finally start making plans to wrap up my time here in Scotland. A month ago I really wanted to go home and settle in to my life with David, and now, I am sad that my time will be up in 6 weeks. I’m hoping this trend in the weather continues so that I can spend more days wandering around the city when I should be working.




  1. Michelle Davis · April 3, 2013

    Whatever he still has in not more important than your dignity and self-esteem. Two things he can never have! We are all awkward in various situations. I thought you were going to mention something about your wonderful mother. Ha!

    • erranteditor · April 3, 2013

      I don’t have to mention the obvious booster I get from you. Everyone already knows that

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