A Scamp and Her Supervisor

Sometimes I wrestle with my demons and sometimes we just cuddle.

Today I just wanted to cuddle with them. There was just enough rain to keep me from really wanting to go out and about for a walk, and I woke up with just enough of a headache to make any serious work on my dissertation impossible. I am going on a month of no response from my supervisor, and I am starting to get worried about how not worried I am about it. I have paperwork that needs to be signed, a plan that needs to be made, and books that need to be read.

I finally got an email from my supervisor….well, the email wasn’t to me per say, but at least I know she isn’t dead or ignoring me. Her email was addressed to all of the students she is supervising, and suggested that she wants to schedule a meeting with another group of students and their supervisor so we can have a repeat of the general info meetings that we have been having with the director of the program for the last month. I’m starting to worry that it is going to be a lot harder now to write my dissertation from home, and I’ve already bought the plane ticket and have started packing. I’m worried that I will not have access to materials, books, and help from my supervisor once I get home. I’m worried that this will be a trend for the next few months while I am trying to work on my paper.

Instead of driving myself crazy with worry over these things, I called my best friend in New York and caught up with her. We laughed, joked and distracted each other from the worries of that each of us has. I’m looking forward to being reunited and for some of the ridiculousness that will ensue when we are together.

Now I am going to hang out with the Pollock Halls cat, read an article on critical democratic power sharing in the classroom, and make a plan for what needs to get done for the weekend. Monday I will try to hunt down someone to sign my paperwork, and try again to get a concrete date set-up for a meeting with my elusive supervisor. I kind of feel like I am playing my own version of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

This round goes to Carmen, next round goes to me.

One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · May 3, 2013

    Hopefully the next meeting isn’t as generic as the previous. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is productive. Pin her down for a one-on-one meeting.

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