The Scamp Ends Her Summer

Tomorrow I will spend my day at orientation. All day. I will have my picture taken for the website (oh goody, just what I want), listen to people in the program now tell me how they are getting through it (coffee and crack….how else does one get through grad school?), and spend a good portion of the meetings either looking out the window or if there is no window, wishing for one.


In other words….I’m not looking forward to it. I sat through summer school, I don’t know if I need to sit through this too.


It’s not all bad though. I get to see the people that I met at the beginning of summer, all of whom I enjoyed, and I get to busy myself with reading, writing, and the long days that come with being in school. I need the routine and the busy schedule so I don’t focus on the fact that despite my best efforts, I still do not have a job. It has been over a year now, and unemployment stopped being fun months ago. isn’t looking so bad to me right now….

It isn’t a bad thing that summer is ending since I spent most of it writing my dissertation anyway. I have spent the last few days being very lazy and trying to take advantage of having nowhere to go and nothing to do. I’m anxious to be on a schedule again. I find myself a little out of sorts these last few weeks not spending all of my time writing or editing. There is only so much Project Runway I can watch and so many hours I can spend in the gym before I get restless.



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