The Scamp and Poetry

I have been asked to write a poem.

In fact, I have been asked to write a “fucking sweet poem”.

I haven’t written poems in years…not since I took Writing 125 in Merced. In fact, it was in that class that I met the boy that asked for the poem.

I am not a poet. I write prose.  I can spill my guts in a post here, write amusing stories about being fired from my first job, and do all of that without breaking a sweat. Ask me to write a poem though, and suddenly the room is hot and stuffy and my homework suddenly needs to be completely finished and perfect ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, I have finished all of the work that needs to be completed tonight. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. I have an amazing study group, and divide and conquer is keeping me within a manageable reading and research load.   I should have gone to bed awhile ago, but instead, I thought I would try to write the poem.

I wrote the poem….or mostly a bunch of words on a page. They don’t rhyme, there is no structure, but the are meaningful.

I only wish I was as clever as Dr. Seuss. A Seussical poem would be a “fucking sweet poem” that would be sure to earn me some points.  A sonnet might work too…..


One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · September 14, 2013

    with your snark, shouldn’t it be a limerick?

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