A Scamp and Burlesque

For Valentine’s Day I planned the date that I wanted to go on. The boy is not exactly known for gift giving or romance, so when he told me to plan the date, I went ahead and picked something that I would have liked him to take me to. I’m notoriously bad at planning dates, so I figured I wanted something that was already planned…less of a chance of me screwing it up. I saw Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue a couple of years ago and loved it, so I knew that not only would I not be able to screw up the plans, but that the show would be fun.



I’m a huge fan of burlesque. I love Cuba. Put the two together, and that makes for a good night. Some of the acts were a bit scary…and some of them were fantastic. There was a dance number to the Banana Boat Song, complete with bananas on the skirt and banana pastries.

The girls are always looking for new members, so it looks like it is time for me to start practicing my moves.


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