The Crude, Lewd, and Freshly Tattooed Scamp

Yesterday, in honor of my upcoming 27th birthday, I got a new tattoo. For the last four years I have marked my birthday with a Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo. This marks my 10th tattoo, and the completion of my right leg.


I cannot wait until she is fully healed. It took almost ten years, but I finally got a skull tattoo. This piece complements the mermaid


and Sailor Jerry’s trademark hula girl on my right leg.


I couldn’t be happier with the way my leg turned out. I have been going to Classic Tattoo in Fullerton for the last four years, and refuse to work with any artist other than Joe Rouhana. He is a big cuddly tattooed dude who remind me a lot of my brother. His work is amazing, his work station is incredibly clean, and I always get a big hug when I come to see him (I’ve even made it to his tattoo portfolio….which makes my leg famous).

I’m more than thrilled about the artwork that I am collecting.



I can’t say this is going to be my last tattoo, but I can say that I am going to have to be a bit more selective since I am  starting to run out of real estate on my body for my collection…..something that my mom and dad are not upset about.

While my hobby has been quite an investment, it falls in line with my life motto:



One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · February 24, 2014

    Joe is a true tattoo ARTIST. Your girls are very pretty.

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