The Scamp and Her Eyes

My annual eye exam turned up a surprising result: I have a small bleed in my left eye.

The first question the ophthalmologist asked me was if I was under a great amount of stress, or had high blood pressure.

I laughed. If she only knew what I had been dealing with. I almost told her I was a racist, and to maintain that viewpoint was stressing me out, but I went with the simple answer: I’m a doctoral student trying to finish coursework and I have three jobs.

She told me that this often happens when the body is put under a great amount of stress. It can fix itself, but in the meantime, I am supposed to find my zen, and visit her again in 3 months to make sure it has not gotten any worse.

Whilst this is not a bad thing, and I will be fine, it figures that my grad program would make my eyes bleed.

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