The Scamp and Her Creative Writers

I know that I spend a lot of my time complaining about the tutoring centre, but today was one of those days that I enjoyed my shift. The kids I work with in the evening are learning how to write stories, and tonight they learned about conflicts and resolutions. We worked as a group to create a story. Each child wrote one paragraph of the story. The kids had to write a conflict in one paragraph, and the next kid in the group had to write a resolution. All of the conflicts were selected after the kids rolled a die and found the matching number on a game board with a conflict that might happen in the rainforest. I’m not supposed to share this, but here is the story that my little darlings wrote.

*It is also important to note that at one point one of the kids was trying to give me the next resolution and he said, “then I shot myself with a cloning gun”, but what me, the centre director and another tutor heard was, “then I shit myself with a cloning gun”

Here is the story. The parts in red are the conflicts, and the parts in black are the resolutions.

The group set off from camp at first light, hoping to spot some of their favourite plants and animals. Sam stayed near the front of the group following the guide.

All of a sudden a spider drops from the tree and lands on Sam. The spider bites Sam on the cheek.

Then a parrot swoops down and steals the group’s map. Without the map the group are turned into a bunch of confused Tellietubbies with no brain. 

Super Kim comes down from the sky and drop-kicks the parrot. She then throws the map at Po’s face.

An endangered butterfly flies by and drinks all of the group’s water. A swarm of ants start crawling up their legs.

Super Kim jumps down from her favourite tree and throws water on the ants. Now that they are gone, the group keeps walking until they find a lovely waterfall. 

A spider monkey throws a banana and hits the guide in the head knocking him out. Now the group is lost in the rainforest. 

Super Kim eats the banana and becomes Kim Kong! Kim Kong is so big that she can see over the tops of the trees and guide the group back to camp.

Kim Kong picks up the guide and carries him back to camp. When they get there, the group all eats the magic bananas and go from Tellietubbies to Kongs! The End. 


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