The Scamp and the Writing Challnage: Week 45

The challenge for this week is to write an entire post in the regional dialect of the place you call home.

Ah loove th’ scottish slang! thaur is somethin’ abit it ‘at makes me laugh, an’ makes me soond far mair badass than Ah actually am.

I am going to do my best to complete the post in my best Scottish slang. It is actually a lot harder than it sounds because I still have my expat accent, and vernacular. I’m going to do my best, and my friends can feel free to correct me.

Yesterday Ah maunt tae meit th’ second deadline oan mah checklist tae finish mah phd by julie. Ah hud tae redo mah theory chapter, but mah supervisur gae me a book ‘at he thooght micht help me, an’ tae be honest, it did. Ah hae bin pure woriat abit th’ drafts Ah submit, but noo Ah realize ‘at Ah can turn in jobby wark an’ gie guidence, an’ ‘en hae an easier time wi’ th’ revisin’.

and now for fun, because I hang out with a Geordie (someone from Newcastle and that area), I’ll do the next bit with a Geordie slang.

Ahm hopin that the next section iv the theory chaptor is just as easy tuh write. tuh be honest though, it is ganin tuh be the hardest part, an’ ah hev been draggin me feet on it fo’ twa yeors. ah sorta wish aa’d already been graftin on it, but at least neeo ah hev sum interestin ideas iv ha tuh myek it mare than just a borin aad lit review.

That isn’t that fun, so I think now, in honour of the fact that I am the only American in a school of fantastic Irish teachers, I’ll try my hand at the Irish dialect.

Scon are ‘eadin’ on a wee ‘oliday in cock an’ ‘en days, an’ ‘ope dat wi’ dat as a motivator, oi can git sum serious work done. oi ‘av ter finish data collecshun, whaich ‘ill ‘appen next week, an’ den it ‘ill be time ter work wi’ de results an’ start on two av de meaty chapters av me thesis.

Now, if you can figure out what all that says, I’ll be well impressed with you. I also hope that I haven’t offended anyone with my attempt at using the slang.


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