The Scamp and the Writing Challenge: Week 15

Week 15 is dedicated to my favourite topic: Things that make me laugh. I think everyone who knows me well knows that it is fairly easy to make me laugh. Well timed jokes, locking the car door as someone tries to open it, cat videos….all of these things make me laugh.

And if ever someone needed a laugh right now, it is me.

This week the one thing that has really been making me laugh is inappropriate workplace conversations. The department that I am based out of just recently hired a new research assistant, and while trying to get to know him, we were all talking about ourselves and a little bit of our background. In the course of that conversation, it came up that when I got hired on, the rest of the team who is close to my age Googled me to see what they could learn about me.

Fun fact: if you Google me, the first thing that comes up is a porn illustrator.

Yep. You read that correctly: A PORN ILLUSTRATOR!  The office wondered if my supervisor had lost his marbles, and at one point I got an email from the admin assistant asking me if I liked to draw. I of course had no idea why she would ask me such a thing, and it wasn’t until I had been in the post for several months that they filled me about what happens when you Google my name. I decided to share that story with the new guy….he wasn’t impressed. Everyone in the office had a good chuckle though. I like to think that it lightened the mood.

Professionally, things have been picking up with my data collection. I was really afraid that sending out an online survey would not net me any responses, but I have been pleasantly surprised  about the response rate in the last three days. I may have just figured out this whole PhD student thing.

The Scamp and Her Addiction

Hi, my name is Kim and I am addicted to cute animal pictures, videos, and posts.


Taken from

The 30 Happiest Animals Of All Time

1. This gorilla that just discovered its favorite season

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (7)

2. This goat that is just happy to be a goat
the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (18)

3. This duckling that won’t get left behind

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (6)

4. This corgi that is ready for takeoff

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (4)

5. This ostrich that hits that dougie

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

6. This dog Skyping with his owner for the first time since he was deployed overseas

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (17)

7. This quokka that is the cutest marsupial possible

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (11)

8. This smug little piglet all wrapped in blankets

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (20)

9. This penguin that loves the snow

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (5)

10. This wide-eyed puppy that is ready for anything

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (4)

11. This Galapagos seal chillin’ in the shade

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (5)

12. This party animal shopping for a wild night

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (16)

13. This kitty that just discovered the heater for the first time

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (2)

14. This old rascal jumping up to greet his owner

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (14)

15. This German Shepherd that wants to be a puppy again

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (22)

16. This Husky going for a quick dip

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (12)

17. Elmo, who is just happy to be a sheep.

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (7)

18. This poofball that loves to play patty cake

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (3)

19. This curious little guy that will make an excellent guide dog

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (15)

20. This furball who is ready for a walk

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (13)

21. This cuteness overload

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (19)

22. This goose that is ready for seconds

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (21)

23. This seal having the ROFL of a lifetime

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (9)

24. This little guy who is on the way home from the adoption center

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

25. This fox that wants to be your pet dog

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (2)

26. This pig enjoying its first pumpkin

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (8)

27. This alligator who is positioned for the perfect scratch

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (3)

28. ”Ooooh, right there, human.”

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (6)

29. These three who are BFFs

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (10)

30. This bulldog who just found its life-calling

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

A Scamp and the Inappropriate

I’m pouting about the fact that I have to go back to school tomorrow, and had to spend a lot of money on textbooks that I know I will never read again. In an effort to make myself feel better, I am going to post books that I wouldn’t mind seeing as part of the reading list.

*Read at your own risk…..a lot of these titles are massively inappropriate. There is no offense intended by the language, pictures, and cultural implications of these. I simply find them funny and helpful in fighting my post vacation blues.




A good introduction to anatomy and physiology.



A touching tale about love and loss.



Let’s face it, farts are funny.



Because sometimes, “follow the leader” is boring sober.



Helping little girls feel better about themselves since 1951!



Truer words have never been spoken



A good introduction to nontraditional career paths


For the days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed

I would definitely be okay with these titles on my bookshelf. As part of being an adult though, I guess I will just have to settle for Introduction to Organizational Theory, APA style guides, and books on how to conduct mixed methods research.