The Scamp and Her Addiction

Hi, my name is Kim and I am addicted to cute animal pictures, videos, and posts.


Taken from

The 30 Happiest Animals Of All Time

1. This gorilla that just discovered its favorite season

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (7)

2. This goat that is just happy to be a goat
the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (18)

3. This duckling that won’t get left behind

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (6)

4. This corgi that is ready for takeoff

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (4)

5. This ostrich that hits that dougie

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

6. This dog Skyping with his owner for the first time since he was deployed overseas

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (17)

7. This quokka that is the cutest marsupial possible

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (11)

8. This smug little piglet all wrapped in blankets

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (20)

9. This penguin that loves the snow

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (5)

10. This wide-eyed puppy that is ready for anything

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (4)

11. This Galapagos seal chillin’ in the shade

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (5)

12. This party animal shopping for a wild night

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (16)

13. This kitty that just discovered the heater for the first time

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (2)

14. This old rascal jumping up to greet his owner

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (14)

15. This German Shepherd that wants to be a puppy again

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (22)

16. This Husky going for a quick dip

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (12)

17. Elmo, who is just happy to be a sheep.

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (7)

18. This poofball that loves to play patty cake

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (3)

19. This curious little guy that will make an excellent guide dog

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (15)

20. This furball who is ready for a walk

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (13)

21. This cuteness overload

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (19)

22. This goose that is ready for seconds

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (21)

23. This seal having the ROFL of a lifetime

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (9)

24. This little guy who is on the way home from the adoption center

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

25. This fox that wants to be your pet dog

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (2)

26. This pig enjoying its first pumpkin

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (8)

27. This alligator who is positioned for the perfect scratch

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (3)

28. ”Ooooh, right there, human.”

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (6)

29. These three who are BFFs

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (10)

30. This bulldog who just found its life-calling

the-happiest-animals-of-all-time (1)

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