The Scamp Writes a Letter

Letter to the Spoiled Bulkhead Brat:

I realize now that you think you are the only one on a crowded flight. I understand that because you are sitting at the bulkhead, there is no one sitting in front of you. I completely understand that because no one is in front of you you forget that there are in fact people sitting behind you. See, what you don’t seem to understand is that the people behind you do not want to have to spend nine hours with you reclined in their lap, or have to refuse dinner because they do not have enough room to get the tray table down. While it is not your fault that British Airways cares more about making money than the comfort of their economy customers, ignoring my request to get out of my lap, and acting like you are the only person who wants to comfortable is something that you can control.

You see, I would love to be comfortable. People with Lupus often have a hard time flying because of all the swelling that goes on. It often makes sitting very uncomfortable. I would love to be able to stretch out and recline, but unlike you, my mother taught me that I am not the center of the universe, and that in situations like a nine hour flight, you have to be considerate of those around you.

I’m ashamed to admit that although my mother taught me manners and the art of basic human courtesy, and my seat has remained in the fully upright position for the comfort of the woman behind me, I have spent the better part of the last 5 hours with my knees pressed into the back of your seat to keep you from being able to recline. I’ve pushed extra hard on the screen to watch movies, shift and readjusted my knees every 20 minutes, and generally tried to make you life miserable. I’ve made passive aggressive comments while standing in front of you waiting for the toilet. After ignoring my request, you have called the stewardess to ‘mediate’ the situation. When she asked me if I was okay with you reclining, I practically shouted “Fuck no! I didn’t pay to have her in my lap” because I knew that you would hear, and so would the people around us.

I’m sorry. Not to you. You can suck my metaphorical dick….in fact, I hope you choke on it. No, I am apologizing to my mother who not only raised me better, but would be ashamed of the way I acted. I’m a 29 year old adult, not a 10 year old child. With two hours left in the flight, and no sleep or comfort in sight, I am going to try and be considerate of those around me and keep my knees to myself.

Yours with eternal scorn and hate fire,

The girl in 27H

The Scamp Resorts to Rude

I don’t like being rude.

Okay, that’s not true. I love the chance to be snarky and sarcastic to people, and it is rare that I don’t have a comment for something.

The problem is, I don’t like to be rude when I am at work, or when I am doing work for someone else. Two weeks ago I accepted a position as a research assistant at the university. Before I can begin, though, I have to go through an orientation about what it means to be a graduate assistant, and how to not divulge sensitive information while I am working (seriously, I can’t make this up). The woman I am working for tracked down HR and got me all the info I needed after my first meeting with her, and then things fell apart.

I emailed HR and they only offer the orientation two days a week; Wednesday from 9-11 and Friday from 11-1. The woman who runs the orientation told me that I needed to pick one of those days and bring the standard ID for taxes and such. I work during both of those times, but the library was nice enough to give me time on Friday to go to the training.

HR lady cancelled the first Friday. I accepted that and rescheduled for this Friday.

HR lady cancelled again today and told me to just come to the Wednesday meeting.

I understand that she has a busy schedule, but her casual dismissal of the fact that I was given a choice, picked one, and then rearranged my schedule  to be there in her given time frame really made me angry.

I emailed her and rather rudely pointed out that she gave me two options and I picked the one that I could work into my schedule. I told her that if she really wanted it to be on Wednesday then it had to be after I got off work as I already took two days off to accommodate her cancelling scheduled events at the last minute. I also pointed out that she has put me two weeks behind in my work, and that is disrespectful to the professor I work for.

She emailed me back 6 hours later and told me I can keep my appointment….she didn’t sign her email.

I did not enjoy being rude to her, but I really resent the fact that my time is not considered important. It is bad enough to cancel once, but twice was just too much for me. I’m not so sure the library would have been so forgiving if I changed my schedule again.

I’m hoping that she is so fed up with dealing with me that she does a short version of the orientation and I can be ready to work by Monday.

I’m not going to hold my breath though.