A Grown-Up Scamp

Although you wouldn’t always know by looking at me, I am in fact an adult. I had a “big girl” 40 hour a week job, my own insurance, and my own “big girl” apartment in San Diego. With all of that, I still spent most of my time dressing like a contestant on “What Not To Wear”. On more than one occasion my colleges at Saddleback thought I was one of the students, and many of the people I encountered at USD thought I was a student worker. While I don’t mind my youthful appearance,  all of my leopard print dresses, flip flops, and jeans do not exactly lend me to a credible working woman. My goal for Scotland is to not only grow up and mature, but to look grown-up and mature. Thanks to my mother, I now have a wardrobe that fits that idea. Gone are the jean skirts, sundresses and cute little slip on Vans, and in their place are skirts, cute tops and high heeled shoes (okay, small wide heel, after all, I am not trying to die on the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh). What I like about my new wardrobe though is I still feel like it has the retro vintage feel that I love. Great pencil skirts in bold colors, striped dresses and blazers, and a killer red dress that will make me stand out anywhere. I also still have my assortment of fun jewelery and hair pieces, so I feel like I will still be taking a bit of my across the pond.

It was ridiculously hard though not to buy all the cute little sundresses, and funky canvas shoes I saw. I had to put a lot of things back, and resist the urge to try things on though. I guess I should have picked a place with sun. In the meantime, I did make packing a lot easier for me, and I hope that in the next few weeks I start to feel like the adult that my wardrobe suggests.

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