A Scamp and Stress

When I get stressed I turn into a monster. I try not too, but it always seems to happen. I start to get crabby and cranky, and I pick fights and generally become a pain in the ass.

Right now, I am being a pain in the ass. I have things I need to do, people I want to see, conversations that need to be had, and I have neither the time or the energy to do any of these things. With less than a month before I leave, I still do not have my passport back, I still haven’t purchased a plane ticket, and I still have no idea how I am going to get everything I want/need with me to Scotland. I should be spending my time figuring all these details out, but instead, I am sitting on my couch watching TV, or hiding in my room watching TV on my computer and picking fights with my boyfriend because he refuses to acknowledge that I am leaving soon. I need a telaportation device, the visa fairy, and the money fairy to come through for me so I can continue to be lazy and not feel bad about it.

Until then, I will clicked through old TV episodes and lay in the sun and try to get a little bit of a tan. I hear vitamin D is good for stress.

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