A Scamp and the Holidays

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This is the first time I have ever had to be in class on my favorite holiday, and it will be the first time that I am not celebrating with my family. I have been invited to have an “American Thanksgiving” with some of the people who live in a dorm near the education building, and as tempting as the idea of real food is, I will only know maybe two or three people who are going. I’m not sure I really want to spend the evening with a bunch of strangers when all I really want to do is spend it with my family. The girls in my program, whom I would have loved to spend the day with, are doing Thanksgiving on Friday, and I had already made plans, so unfortunately I will miss that. I know that will be a lot of fun though as many of those girls have never celebrated Thanksgiving before.  I may spend the evening making outlines for my papers and pushing through on the work that has to get done before I go home. By Thursday the countdown will be down to 6 days, so I can just delay my celebration and see everyone when I get back.

I am minorly stressed about the upcoming holidays though. Having no job, and a loan payment to make every month, makes my prospects for Christmas and Hanukkah presents seem slim. I know that no one expects me to bring presents and all that, but I still feel bad that I won’t really be contributing to the holidays. I know that my momma will float me the cash until I am back on my feet, but I feel guilty about leaning her to take care of me. I’m 25, I should be taking care of myself by now.

All in all though, I am a looking forward to going home and having a bit of a break from the dorm. We got our official notice of charges today for the damage that was done to the place. We will get another bill next month, and probably one after that. The RAs, the warden, everyone knows who did it. They even have Facebook pictures to prove it. When they confronted the guy in the pictures, he gave up the people involved, and even offered to split the cost of the damage with the people who destroyed the place, but when the rest of the merry men were confronted, they denied all involvement, and because they need the culprits to confess their crimes before they can charge them, there now 5 charges on my account. Lucky me.

Maybe if I play that awful Thanksgiving song on repeat on their floor all night I will feel better about the charges…..

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