A Scamp at the Half

Today was the last class of the Fall semester. I’m officially halfway through the course work.

It also happens to be Thanksgiving. Although the day was rainy and cold, I think that it was fitting that I end my first half of my coursework on my favorite holiday. I am happy to be finished. I’m happy to be going home in a few days to recharge and escape the idiots that live on the third floor of the dorm. I’m happy that in the first half of my adventure here that I got to really know the city and the people that I live and go to school with. I did not have a lot of the culture shock/homesickness that most people face when they move, and if it wasn’t for my family being so far away, I would be more than happy to stay. I’m happy that the weather has been kind to me and allowed me to stay dry more days than not, and I am  happy that four years ago my best friend listened to my request for wellies.

I won’t turn this into one of those cheesy “I am thankful for” posts because everyone knows that I am thankful for my adventure, my family, and the people that I get to come in contact with on a daily basis (even the assholes here who make the English people look bad). Instead, since I have wasted enough time putting off the studying and research that I need to do for the three essays I have looming, I am going to spend the rest of the evening watching bad horror movies on YouTube and try and figure out how to be productive tomorrow. I can find 15-20 sources for each of the papers in the next few days, right?

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