A Scamp and the Holidays

Christmas is fast approaching. The tree is up, presents are wrapped, and holiday stuffies fill the couch. I should be happy. I like presents, like giving them, like getting them, and I like spending time with my family (which only seems to happen around the holidays). Instead of being happy though, I have a major case of the sads. The only thing I want to do is lay in bed and sleep all day. Not having a job is depressing, trying to finish and fill out scholarship applications so that I don’t have to take any more loans for school next year is depressing, and realizing that I will have to go back to Scotland is a little depressing….okay not depressing because I have to go back, but depressing because I know it means I have to say goodbye to everyone again. I feel like I just got home. I have only seen my friends a couple of times (and some of them I haven’t gotten to see at all yet), have only been in San Diego once, and haven’t finished all of my finals yet. I feel like I have nothing to show for all of the time I spend cooped up in the house. Today I made Kelly take me out shopping just so I could get out of the house. I hadn’t really left the house, or gotten out of my pjs for the last few days. At one point my dad even checked on me because he thought I may be dead.

I figured if I am feeling like this, than maybe other people are too. All the shootings, the looming financial meltdown, and a host of other things are sure to be making people crazy right now. There are two things that make me smile at times like this: puppies and stories of awesome tiny humans. David sent me a link he knew would make me laugh, and sure enough, it worked. I especially love the kid who is walking the dog and the kindergarten class that vogues. According to the internet, the picture with the president is real, and it is nice to see him having fun with the children of the staff.


I can only hope that my future tiny human is as cool as one of these kids.

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