A Scamp and the New Year

It has been a long time since anything was written. It was not entirely due to my laziness though. I was robbed on Christmas. My laptop, my library books, all my notes and research was stolen. David lost his TV, laptop, all his back-up files, and all of the cash and gift cards he had been saving for years. His roommate lost his computer and a very nice watch he had been given as a present when he graduated law school. I have spent a lot of time trying to sort out what I lost since they took the bags I packed from my parent’s house I cannot remember what was in any of them. I do know that I am going to have to pay really high replacement costs for all of the books that were taken. I know that I lost all of the pictures that I have taken in Scotland, and that I lost an assignment I was working on for school. At the end of the day, it is just stuff, all of it can be replaced, but I have lost a week of working, and I have to start over and piece things together as best I can. I would say that I would check out more books on CDA when I get back to Scotland, but they all got stolen, so I am sorry to anyone in my classes who might have needed them. I got a new computer, and have started trying to get things back in order, but in all honesty, I have been too much of a mopey puppy to want to work. I have no desire to finish the papers, no desire to even go back to Scotland except to get back to the routine that I have built there.

I feel like I have been cheated a little out of my vacation. David was stressed trying to fix everything,and I don’t have the money to replace what was taken. David bought me a new computer and I already feel guilty enough about how long it is going to take me to pay him back. Tonight is a fancy black tie party to ring in the new year, and I am sure that I will have  fun once I am there, but right now, I sorta want to stay in my jammies and watch old episodes of CSI on Netflix. I will sleep most of the day tomorrow and then start to think about the complete reworking I now have to do to a paper due in less than a week. I also need to start gathering things up and repacking.

The good thing about having all the books stolen though is with all the weight and space free in bags now, I have more room for shoes, peanut butter and trail mix. Maybe being robbed on Christmas wasn’t such a bad thing after all…..

I hope that all seven of my readers have a happy and healthy new year and continue to glance at my words every now and again.


  1. mjadezde · January 1, 2013

    I still can’t believe this happened to you, this is just the crummiest thing ever, especially since you’ve been longing to go home so badly. Yes it is just stuff and it can be replaced (you will go on more trips in Scotland and take more pictures, yes you have to pay for new books but maybe you can suggest new ones since the library is so anorexic here is an opportunity to beef it up, and yes you have to replace papers, but you are such a master writer that once pen is put to paper something better than before will emerge). While this all seems sugar coated and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me (I know I would), the important thing is that you and your honey buns is safe. Enjoy the new year; don’t let a bunch of arrogant chuckleheads rob you of that. This is new year for new opportunities, new pictures, new ice cream, new…well, everything! Happy New Year and I hope that you enjoy your time at home before you come back to Scotland…it’s missed you 🙂

  2. Michelle Davis · January 1, 2013

    As the robbery has left you with much stress about recreating months of work, family and friends are always there to support you and love you. You are right. It is only stuff and can be replaced.

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