A Scamp and the New Year Pt. 2

I have to say that as grumbly as I was in my last post, I enjoyed the new year. The party wasn’t too bad, and I was home warm and snug by 1:30. The start of the new year though means the end of my vacation. In two days I will get back on a plane and go back to Scotland. I am excited to go back. I miss all the ladies and gents that I have been lucky enough to meet (ok, well not the English people who live near me or the ones that live on the third floor and like to terrorize me) and look forward to being around them again. I think the next few months there will be interesting. I’ve never really lived anywhere cold before, and having to walk to everywhere in the cold should be fun. I hope that it snows, but only once, so that I can say I have lived in a place that snows.

I am sad to leave Brea. I was not nearly as good as I should have been about seeing my friends here. I was down in San Diego for a week and I spent most of the time asleep or trying to recreate my papers. I’m not a very good friend. I realize that, but so far have been unsuccessful in changing that. It will be easier in 6 or so months when I am home and have a car again. I will make time for everyone and stop being a recluse. For now, I will enjoy a little more time with my family and spend a little more time with my family watching  football and eating junk food. I have to build up a good winter weight to help carry me through the next few months of dorm food. My mommy is coming to visit for her birthday in April, so if I can make it until then, I will be able to enjoy real food with her.

One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · January 7, 2013

    It was great to have you home. You did a good job of mixing and seeing everyone. You handled the stress of the robbery and recreating 3 papers with a lot class. There were a few tears the first day, but you have been all business…thanks to David too. You visit went way too fast. Before you know it, it will be April and we will be together again. Enjoy your last few days. Travel safely, and finish strong.

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