A Scamp and a Break-Up

Breaking up is hard to do……except when it isn’t.

With the help of Jade, the most amazing person in Scotland, I was able to end my most contentious and harmful relationship to date. Two days ago I moved out of my room in a hallway full of assholes and into Jade’s wing, a hallway full of actual postgrads. It has only been two days, but not having to hear the door slam when the drunk guys comes home, and not being jarred out of a peaceful sleep at 3 am to hear the slutty girl at the end of the hall negotiate sex deals is by far the best thing about living in this dorm so far. I’m so grateful that Jade was able to sweet talk the powers that be and finagle a move with only two days notice. I know that I will be able to enjoy myself a little more without being harassed and annoyed on a daily basis.

I do wish this break-up allowed me to find a little motivation. I’m still pretty jet lagged, and had a hard time dragging my lazy butt out of bed before 1 pm. I was able to meet my page goal for the day, but it took a lot of coaxing, and lot of erasing and redoing. I have to get my butt in gear so I can start the third paper, and I have a feeling that means that I am going to have to drag myself to the library. That will force me to actually get out of my sweats, and the walk in the cold will wake me up and get me in the mood to write. Right now, it isn’t happening and one of the papers is due at the end of next week, with the other not too far after that. I do not want to have to use the extensions, and I do not want to get another grade that I am dissatisfied with.

All in all, I have to say my return to Scotland has been a very happy one. I have enjoyed catching up with Jade and hearing all of her stories, and I had the best time catching up with the Ed Lang girls. I consider myself very lucky to be in a program with 12 girls that I like and respect and have so much fun with. I hope that the next few months goes slow enough that I can enjoy my time with them. Classes start again on Monday, and my first class is on Wednesday. It will be back to the grind, and back to the routine of class and reading and those lovely research methods videos. Before I know it, it will be May and time for me to back up and go home.

I’m not sure I am ready to think about that yet.

One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · January 12, 2013

    As much as you didn’t want to leave, I knew you had a nice life to return to. You have met some wonderful people, some life-long friends, and are having the adventure of a life time. And to top it off, you now get to sleep through the night. Hopefully Liki and I will be a nice breath of fresh air to help get you to May.

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