A Scamp and a Blizzard

Okay, it wasn’t really a blizzard….the snow wasn’t even sticking to the ground, but thanks to the wonderful wind here, there were some fun little squalls that made walking to school a really fun adventure.

Thus ends my love affair with the snow. I know I was all excited to be living in a place with snow, and I even enjoyed my walk home last Friday in the tiny flurry. This week though, not so much. The ground is slippery, the wind blows the snow in my face, and all the cold just makes me want to stay in bed with a book or a good movie. I have to say, the city is just as beautiful covered in snow as it is in the rain and on rare days when the sun comes out, so at least for a little while longer I can hold on to the motto that started this journey, “It may be bad, but at least it is bad in Scotland.”

This was a big week for me. I finally finished the last of my essays, paid the last of my fines at the library (I’m no longer a felon in their eyes so I guess that means I need to start checking out the textbook and doing my homework again…..darn), and got any lingering confusion of what to do this semester out of my brain. This week I also learned about compromise and standing up for something that I really want. After a lot of back and forth (and a lot of tears on my part) David and I finally ended our battle over family traditions. It was a battle of who could be more stubborn, and I really thought I had ruin our relationship by opening by what will now hence forth be known as the Christmas Tree Can of Worms. David though, for his part kept saying that one fight did not end a relationship, but after a lot of talking, some yelling, and tears, lots of tears, he made a huge compromise for me so that I could keep a very important family tradition. I know that he did not want to give him (and I joke that he only did to end the fight), but the fact that he did, and does not seem the least bit fazed by it means a lot to me. I’m a big fan of compromise, especially when I am not the only one doing it, and his willingness to compromise is important. I’m happy that we are settling back into a comfortable routine of just missing each other all the time.

While the wind is working its magic outside, it is not currently snowing. My hope is that the snow holds off until about 3pm tomorrow when I make it back to my room with the slew of children’s books I now get to read for my Friday afternoon class (who has class on a Friday afternoon. It is really a rant for another day. Just wait for Friday…..). Since I have no papers to write and I am caught up on my reading for the week, I think I may just enjoy my time after class tomorrow….even if it snows.

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  1. Michelle Davis · January 23, 2013

    Don’t slip…you don’t have much to fall on. As usual things work out how they are to be. Remember couples don’t agree 100%. Healthy discussion, listening, and compromise make up any kind of relationship. Happy reading….

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