A Scamp and Her Favorite Matt

Today is my brother’s 28th birthday. He is by far, one of my favorite people on the planet. We weren’t really friends until I turned 18 and moved away, but we have been pretty good pals ever since. He has introduced me to some great books, some amazing podcasts, and some fantastic ways to waste hours on the internet. He makes me laugh, and at some point in life he became really good at giving advice. He’s helped me out a lot the last few weeks….and just because he offers to make me brownies that will cheer me up.



The Matt, in his natural habitat.



This is the best picture of us ever.




Seeing him get a bow tie around his neck was priceless.




He loves hawking. He made this friend in Ireland.


In honor of his birthday, I will share some of his favorite  things with you.

I imagine at some point today Matt will listen to this song while drinking Jack Daniels and being ridiculous.



hopefully his night ends like this one did. This was a good night for him.

Since I know that he is working today, I imagine that he will go through his usual cycle of podcasts. One of the firsts ones he made me listen to was Joe Rogan. That is where I learned of the magic that is Bert Kreischer. The following video is one of the best stories ever told.

Matt also introduced me to Joey Diaz. Now, Joey is not for everyone. The following video is very crude, drops a lot of f bombs, and is not suitable for the younger members of this audience, but it deserves to be shared.




I hope that however he decides to spend his birthday that he enjoys it, and knows how much we all enjoy him.

Happy birthday asshole.





  1. Marla · March 21, 2013

    Great tribute to your brother Kim, it was funny and beautiful, I’m sure you did him proud, as I know he is so proud of you….As always, all my love your way ;)**

  2. Michelle Davis · March 22, 2013

    You captured him perfectly. He is certainly one of a kind.

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