A Scamp and Her Other Favorite Brother

Today the roll of birthday’s continues. Today my brother-in-law celebrates his day of birth. He has only been our lives for a short time, but it feels like he has always been there. He is totally comfortable with the Wilder-Davis weirdness and has been a really great ear and virtual shoulder for me to cry on these last few months. He checks in with me all the time, offers to mail me one of his kids, and has even offered to come and get me when my time here comes to an end. He owes me nothing, yet he gives me everything. That’s just the way he lives his life. He is like that with everyone, and doesn’t think twice about it.

Here are some of my favorite moments with Mondo:



Kelly and the Mondizzle married in June of 2011. He let Kelly plan the wedding that she wanted and never told her no…they even had a Disney cake!



He is the master of the photobomb (It is clear that David still has a lot to learn about how photos are taken in the Wilder-Davis household)



He gets along with Matt way too well.



He stops at nothing to make Kelly happy.



He gives up a day off to help make sure this little guy is taken care of. (I think he likes the male company in the house though to be honest)



He lets me try out ridiculous recipes and he likes to make sure I have home cooked meals when I am around. He has become an expert at latkes.

Basically, he is one of the best people that I have the pleasure to know. I love him, and I can’t wait to go home and hang out with him again.

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