A Scamp and a Rat

This is a story I heard today and felt the need to share.

We have some really great housekeepers here that clean our rooms and the bathrooms. The two on my floor are super amazing women who love to chat and like to look after us. They also have the lovely task of cleaning the third floor, and hear all of the good gossip that goes on with the undergrads. Today she told us that one of the knuckleheads stopped her one day convinced that there was a dead rat somewhere near. When asked how he knew this, he answered, “I can smell cheese.” He was convinced that dead rats smell like rotting cheese, and because he could smell cheese, there had to be a dead rat somewhere. He didn’t understand why the housekeeper laughed so hard, now he has become a really good joke among the cleaners. I hope that I ride the elevator with him soon so I can make a comment about it smelling like cheese.

Seriously….I can’t make this up. I wish I could write a book about all the stories these women hear and all the things they see while working. It would be enough to entertain people all over the world.


  1. mjadez · March 25, 2013

    I know who the rat is….

  2. Michelle Davis · March 25, 2013

    Hilraious…You should write a book…oh wait you are.

  3. Marla · March 27, 2013

    Yah that’s really funny, you should write a book, how many times have you heard that since you started this blog.!!!!?????

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