A Scamp Prepares for a Visit



Today is my mommy’s birthday! Everyone knows how I feel about her (and those who don’t, go here https://ascampabroad.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/a-scamp-and-her-mom/) Even better than that though, it means that she and my dad are getting on a plane tomorrow to come spend a week with me in beautiful Scotland. I have an exciting week planned for them complete with castle tours, ferry rides, and a possibly a trip to the docks to see the Royal Britannia. I’m even going to let them meet all of the wonderful people that I have met here. I’m excited to be able to show them the city that I live in, but I am more excited that my family will be in my space again.

The last couple of months have been tough on me, and while the girls here have been amazing, I am really craving some family time. I need a hug from my mom, I need to feel connected to my family again. I haven’t seen them since early January, and most of the Skype chats lately where to cheer me up and prepare me for the broken heart that was to come. I want to put that part behind me and be able to laugh and enjoy my time with them. It is my dad’s first time here, and while my mom has been here before, she didn’t get to see much, so I want to make sure this week is the best it can be. The next week of posts will be my time with them and all of the fun things that we do.

An update to yesterday’s aside: I have to prove that I a California resident because I got re-admitted to the PhD. program. The only downside is I got admitted to a program I didn’t apply to, with an emphasis I am not interested in. I’ve emailed the program to see about straightening that out, hoping that it was done in error. Now I am at the mercy of when the course secretary emails me back. I’m proud to say that my reaction was to laugh at the situation. Those of you who know me really well know that two years ago I had a lot of trouble with SDSU and paperwork. Every time I had a problem with them though, I would call my mom crying. I fell to pieces over the smallest of mix-ups and extra steps. This time though, I know eventually it will get straightened out (and I might have to enlist my mom to make a phone call for me), and that it will all work out.

I’d like to think that is me growing up and maturing, but it could just be the excitement of my parent’s visit. Check back in a week to see if I have thrown a hissy fit over it.

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  1. Michelle Davis · April 5, 2013

    I have been so excited to head your way I am having a hard time teaching. I am determined to leave at 4PM! I too have had a good week (giddiness of seeing you?): Angel tickets! Cheers to a wonderful week ahead! Probst!

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