The Scamp and a Rubber Pirate Chicken

I have spent the last two days laying in bed, and have done very little in the way of exploring, adventures, and even work. I can talk a very good game about being productive and wanting to get work done, but my practice of doing it so far has not gone so well. My bed is suddenly so comfy, the sun and the breeze suddenly so inviting, and evaluating my lesson plan on cultural stereotypes no longer seems to be that interesting.

Since I have nothing all that exciting to share, I thought this post could be dedicated to the Rubber Pirate Chicken.

Chicken was born on June 3, 2011. My mom had fallen at work and scraped her knee, and because of her poor weakened immune system, her knee got infected pretty badly. I took her to the hospital and joked with all of the doctors we encountered that night that her pirate look would be complete if they just went ahead and cut off her leg so that she could get a peg leg. I text Kelly and told her mom would be peg legging it down the aisle with her, and told my mom she really would make the best pirate ever now. She was a really good sport about it, and after the lovely ER visit, we went to the CVS across the street to pick up all of the prescriptions that would clear up the infection. While wandering around the CVS at 2 in the morning, we found all sorts of goodies, including a 5 lb bag of gummy worms, and the Rubber Pirate Chicken.

He has been part of our family ever since. He went to the wedding rehearsal.  He lived in San Diego with me for three years, holding court over the TV I rarely used. He then started my journey here with me, but was mailed home a couple of months ago (You want people to think you are strange?  Go to a post office in Scotland and tell them you are sending a rubber chicken to the States). He wandered around La Habra for awhile before making his way back to Scotland. He has been all over Scotland, and his next adventure will be taking him to England where he will see Stonehenge, Bath and London.

Here are some of Chicken’s best moments so far.


























Chicken did not enjoy the haggis


  1. Michelle Davis · April 14, 2013

    Chicken is a great traveling partner. He is very easy going. Maybe he is grateful for the life he is leading. When you think that we got him in the pet aisle…he was destined to be a dog toy. He really is having a better life then his compatriots. I am so glad he is getting England before he returns to the States.

  2. Marla · April 16, 2013

    Mr. Pirate Chicken really puts a smile on my face……I’m sure he makes for a very strange bed fellow….You are fricken crazy, cuz…..See you soon.

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