A Scamp Sidelined

For the last few days I have been feeling icky. I’m supposed to be at a birthday party right now, but thanks to a fever, and a very sore throat, I am laying in bed feeling like death. Luckily, the fever did not stop me from finishing my last paper. I’m happy to be done with it. Now I can start on the research for my dissertation, and I can squeeze in some last minute travels before my return to the states.

Since I am sidelined, I have been thinking about all of the strange things that happened this week. On Monday we got a note from the useless warden that the common room was now going to be closed because of the mess made and the paint (yes paint) that was all over the place. Come to find out that when the little future leaders all came back from spring holiday, they had a Smurf party and painted themselves blue before they went out on the town. The paint that was everywhere came from them touching walls, sitting on things, and basically being hot drunk messes. The thing is, since the paint washed out, I can’t even be mad at them. I just wish that I could see some of the pictures from that night.  Seeing them all painted and sloppy drunk would have been good for a laugh.

The next strange occurrence this week was taking the lift up with the number one trouble maker here. I wrote about him in the last tales of the strange. He is the guy that thinks dead rats smell like cheese. He is also the guy who got a tattoo on his ass of the school crest because he lost a bet. I usually try to avoid him, and had decided that the next time I was with him I was going to make a snide comment about smelling cheese. Unfortunately I forgot all about that when getting in the lift with him. He was super polite, pushing the button for my floor, and then surprised me by talking to me about the crap weather we were having. He was so polite and normal. I was shocked. So shocked that I didn’t even want to be rude to him.

Third strange picture for the week was the ever charming guy who I used to live next to. He was the one who dropped his towel one day and shared his bare white ass with me, and spent the first month trying to get into the wrong room. Tonight, he came down to the lobby in a suit, and a tiny glittery top hat. I’m not sure how he got it to stay on his head, but the purple hat with all of the little sparkles looked very out of place on his head. I really hope he is on his way to a themed party because he would make an ugly girl, and an awkward looking drag queen.

Part of me is sad that the fever is keeping me in tonight because I have a feeling there are a lot more fun things to see in the city tonight.

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