A Scamp Creeped Out

I jinxed myself today by talking about this, but it can’t get any worse, so why not share it again?

My seven readers know that I got robbed on Christmas and lost my computer and a bunch of other things. The rebuilding process was tough, it hurt my relationship, and the police report that we filed was more of a formality for insurance than anything else. The case closed quickly, and I set about moving on and trying to piece together the things that I lost. I had changed all of my passwords and made it so whoever had taken my computer couldn’t get to anything of value.

The problem is there is one program that I can’t seem to disconnect from the old computer. For some reason, even after changing my password on Dropbox, it is still connected to my old computer. Every so often now, when I turn on my computer, my Dropbox files update with pictures from the girl that now has my poor computer. There are several problems with this, mainly that I have to be reminded that my computer is out there in the world being tortured, and there is nothing I can do to save it. The girl is  hardcore chola looking with thick penciled eyebrows, dark lip liner, and painted on mole who thinks she is an amateur porn star. The pictures that get uploaded are various poses of her in front of her mirror with her saggy boobs and fat rolls hanging out. She is gross to say the least. I hate that I have to look at the pictures every time they get uploaded so that I can delete them, and the first few times it happened, I wished I could turn the pictures over to the police so they could track down my computer. Now I just wish I could get it to stop updating with her nastiness. It might be time to start a new Dropbox account and transfer everything off of the one I seem to be sharing now.

I’m still sidelined by a bad cold, so to make myself feel better, I am going to post one of my favorite videos.

Tomorrow it is back to work getting paperwork signed, tracking down my supervisor, and starting the process of packing my stuff and shipping it home.


  1. Michelle Davis · April 28, 2013

    So cute!! He sounds like a rooster at the end. I would email the SD cop and send him your drop box code. Let him go on and see who has your computer. I just opened a drop box account to do my AVID certification. When the tech loaded it all of a sudden the Scotland pictures appeared. Very creepy. I don’t like that.

    • erranteditor · April 28, 2013

      At leas they were your pictures….David is the one who had all the info. I don’t even have the case number, and there is no way I am contacting him to get it. It takes less time for me to just start a new account.

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