A Scamp, The Electrified Squirrel, Missing Pants and a Job Interview

Words you never want to utter, especially when you have a job interview: “I can’t find my pants”. I had my nice dress pants in Scotland…even wore them once for a presentation. I know they got packed and made it home, but for the life of me, I have no idea where they are. I’ve emptied all of my drawers, checked all of the boxes that got shipped home from Scotland and checked every room in the house, but my pants are just nowhere to be found.

Not good when you have a job interview with middle aged men for an instructor position at a college. I have plenty of professional outfits, mostly in the form of skirts and tops or dresses, but I know the looks I get in public when people see my tattoos, so there is no way that is the first impression I am going to make when trying to get a job (except for the stripper job, then it would be totally okay for me to show all of my tattoos). I had to do some quick thinking (and a lot of hunting through my closet since most of my professional clothes are packed in a box in the garage), but I was bale to come up with a skirt and top combination that was professional without being too old. I paired it with black tights and the one pair of sensible heels that I own and I was all set for the interview.

When I got to the interview though, things went slightly downhill.  The secretaries were out sick, so the dean of the department was in charge of getting the candidates prepped for the writing test and interviewing them. To add to his stress, there was a 15 minute power outage that somehow managed to put all of the interviews behind schedule by 45 minutes. I understand that things happen and schedules have to be adjusted, but I would have liked to know that before I showed up on time for my interview. I sat in an office for almost an hour while  waiting to be interviewed, and the interview itself was very quick.

Come to find out, the power outage was caused my a squirrel. poor little guy got BBQed and almost ruined my interview. The school sent out an email to all of the employees thanking them for their patience and all it said, was power outage due to squirrel. My mom forwarded me the email, and I definitely laughed out loud while working on my research.

All in all though, the interview went well. I should know sometime next week, but the dean made the comment that my schedule and availability seemed fine and that he had a lot of classes to fill. If I could get one class I would be very happy, and if I could get two classes, then I could make my loan payments, put money in my savings account for a reunion with the EdLang girls, and a trip to see the bestie in New York, and still have money for gas, my phone bill and anything else that may come up.

Fingers and toes crossed. I’ve gotten a bit lazy since I’ve been home and my baby beer gut will not make me an ideal stripper.



  1. Sophia · June 29, 2013

    GOOD luck Kim! We all want to meet you in November=)

  2. Matt S · July 2, 2013

    I’m sure you killed.

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