The Scamp Runs Out of Words

I usually make a “to do” and a “not to do” list. The first list is homework assignments, phone calls, errands to run. The second list is things like “don’t nap in the middle of the day” and “don’t waste time on the Chive”.

Today I did everything from one list, and nothing from the other. I’m tired, my couch is the most comfortable spot in the house, and I made the mistake of trading my jeans for my comfy pjs.

I woke up from the nap because I got cold, not because I was ready for it to be over. Even now, I don’t have any witty things to say, don’t have enough energy to work on my book report, and don’t even have the energy to surf the internet. I can’t  afford to take the day off of school work, so I am going to try and muster some words and get at least a little bit of work done.

I will be happy when this week is over. I am not getting out of bed before 10 on Saturday….I don’t care what the boy says.

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