The Scamp’s Happy Challenge: Day 2

I had the day off from work today, so I got to start my day doing something that made me happy: sleeping in. I love not having to wake up to an alarm, and it was a rare day where I had absolutely no where to be. That is a new thing for me lately, and I loved it. I answered emails from bed, cuddled with my cat, and took my time getting dressed.

I was also able to get a bit of research done for the case study project, and although it really only amounts to about half a written page, it is a start, and I feel a bit better about it.

The activity for that I designated for the day though was a shopping trip with my mom. I really wasn’t expecting to buy much, but the day seemed to be made for me. I ended up with some nice shirts, new yoga clothes, two dresses, a bathing suit, and three pairs of shoes.

My favorite purchase of the day is the new flamingo print dress. I’m nuts about flamingos, and the white dress has a fun cut and great pink flamingos all over it. I cannot wait to wear it in public. I even have the perfect necklace and a cute pair of shoes to wear with it.

While finding joy in material things is not really something I do often, there is something to be said about some fresh new styles for the coming summer. I think the best part of the trip was the first bathing suit I tried on. It was awful. The cut of the top made me look like I was trying to separate and bind my boobs. I looked horrible. So horrible in fact that the only thing I could do was laugh hysterically at it. My mom hasn’t laughed that hard in awhile, so I am pretty sure it looked even worse than I thought it did.

I have work and focus groups tomorrow, so I am not sure what my happiness activity is going to be yet, but I am looking forward to the night off from class and being home and at a decent hour.


One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · April 1, 2014

    The bright spot tomorrow is a quiet house to yourself. Ahhhhh…built in peace.

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