The Scamp has her Photo Taken

One of the interesting people I have met while I’ve been here is a photographer. Not to over-inflate his already massive ego, but he is really good at capturing a moment. He is working on a project that involves alter egos, so I made a mask of my alter ego, the free bird, and let him take some photos of me. He doesn’t know this (although by now he has probably guessed) that I hate having my photo taken. Even with the mask on, I felt awkward, and looked awkward. At one point he even commented on how strange I look when posing for photos. It is really really hard for me to relax and act natural when someone has a camera pointed at me.

The shots are good though, so I am okay with sharing them with the world.

DSC07370 (Custom) DSC07418 (Custom) DSC07432 (Custom) DSC07457 (Custom) DSC07463 (Custom) DSC07468 (Custom) DSC07504-2 (Custom)

The last photo is my favorite. I feel like the first one was more of what he was expecting, but I am just so horribly awkward that the ones where you can’t really see my face are the best ones. Despite my neurosis, I wouldn’t mind him taking photos of me again as he is horribly interesting and provides hours of good laugh and banter.

You can find his work here:

One comment

  1. Mama · August 25, 2015

    As the mama, I would love the last one without the mask.

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