The Scamp and the Gratitude Challenge Week: 33 and 34

To continue with my growing trend of being behind on the challenge, I have a couple of weeks to cover. I feel a bit lazy. I’m tired. I’ve been pushing my body really hard with all the walking and hiking and rush to settle into a routine. I can feel myself starting to slide into a down cycle, and I am hoping that if I take it easy for a bit I can avoid the pitfall of exhaustion. Right now I am sluggish and just going through the motions. I’m finding it hard to concentrate on what I want to say, and I have stopped and started the post 3 times. Forgive my tired brain.

Week 33 was all about something that I look forward to. It is funny, that was the week I was going crazy not having internet at home. I was most looking forward to that so that I could stay in contact with my family. I spent 21 days not really texting, emailing, or even Facebooking them. I was feeling very out of the loop, and there were days that I spent way too much time in my own head, which made me depressed and miss them that much more. Now that I can Skype and text with them, I feel a lot better about settling down in Scotland.It is strange how dependent I am on the internet, and how out of sorts I felt without it. I look forward to checking up on the wombmate’s pregnancy, to chatting with my friends and scheduling visits with my friends from all over the world.

Week 34 is dedicated to what I like about fall. I have to say the one thing I really love is when the weather starts to get cooler and I can wear comfy sweaters and leggings. I like being able to take a walk when the even cools down, and enjoy a cup of tea in bed with a book. It seems strange to think about fall right now since the last few days here have been really sunny and warm, but I look forward to the change in the weather….as long as my next few boxes don’t get held up by customs for three weeks.

I know that technically it is week 35, and I promise that the end of this week there will be a post dedicated to my new neighborhood and everything that I love about it.

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