A Scamp and the First of the Goodbyes

I’ve been lazy. No, lazy is not the right word. Lately I have not been in the mood to write. I’ve been working nonstop for the last week on final assignments that writing anything else has just not been possible. My brain just wants to focus on bad reality TV and mystery/thriller stories. In all of my running around this week though, I was able to finally turn in all the paperwork necessary to prove that I am in fact a California resident, and for the moment, I have nothing else to do for the PhD. but find some scholarships to pay for it.

In addition to being a very busy work week, this was Jade’s last week in Scotland. Tomorrow morning she will return to Texas to do some more in-depth research to put together her proposal. She’s been packed and ready to go all week, and we were able to have a nice dinner with all of the boys and hang out in my favorite pub and listen to the karaoke stylings of Edinburgh. She got up and sang some songs, got to see everyone one more time.

I’m glad that Jade gets to go home to her family, sunshine and home cooked meals, but I will miss her. She has been an amazing friend to me while I was trying to sort out the mess with David, and if it wasn’t for her, I would not have met any of the boys. Missing out on my BFF would have been a real tragedy. She is the reason I was able to move at the start of this semester, and the reason why I have had only one interrupted night of sleep here. I don’t have to deal with the undergrads and have not been stressed about them, and I know that is because Jade was able to make my move possible. We’ve had a lot of good times watching movies, complaining about dorm food, and exploring Scotland and Ireland.

I wish her luck, success, and easy research and know that my time in Scotland would not have been nearly as much fun without her. She occasionally writes down her thoughts, so should my 7 loyal readers be interested, you can find her here : http://mjadez.wordpress.com/



This is the first of the goodbyes, and means that I have less than a month here….something that I am not ready to think about yet.

One comment

  1. Michelle Davis · April 20, 2013

    Jade is definitely in your life for a reason. All of these girls are life-long friends.

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