The Scamp and the Writing Challenge: Week 22

I saw a bit of summer yesterday.

For about ten minutes.

Today it is cold again. It will probably rain. I will be sorely tempted to crawl back in bed and not be a productive member of society (okay, it is 2 pm here and I am tempted to do just that). I’m sitting in the local library working on a draft of my paper, writing a speech for a lecture I am hosting on Thursday, and generally avoiding work that needs to be done but I know will be boring and tedious.

I think it may be time for me to stop talking about planning a short trip somewhere and actually plan that short trip somewhere.

The focus of the challenge this week is to write about the last bad day I had. There are many ways I could take that. The last bad day in regards to my health, the last bad day at work, the last bad day I created….the possibilities are endless.

I think the last bad day I had was a month ago. The dark and twisty had gotten really dark and really twisty. I was sad, really tired, and just not feeling like myself. I was getting no work done, making the boy’s life miserable, and generally just being doom and gloom.

That day was horrible. I spent the day working from a friend’s house. I say working, but really, I spent the day crying, being sad, and just wanting cuddles. I didn’t eat, barely slept, and spent the day trying to figure out why I was such a horrible person. Turns out, that bad day was also a very good day for me. It was the universe smacking me upside the head and telling me it was time to stop being a baby and get some real help. I found a therapist that did not have an 8 week wait list, made a list of things that had to be done, and projects that were not as dire, and had a long talk with the boy about my depression.

The outcome of that bad day led me to a good doc, and some appointments with the GP to make sure there isn’t something more serious going on, a really good cry, and not only a good chat with the boy, but some major effort and understanding on his part to be a better boyfriend. The fact that the last bad day was a month ago also makes me feel that I am taking the right steps to get healthy, and that so far, things seem to be working out.

Now, if only I could use that feeling to motivate me enough to transcribe a 2 hour interview with a guy who started every answer with ‘there are two parts to my answer’ without ever actually answering my questions.

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